Rather than explaining basic things like where I'm from, what colors I like, etc., I'm just gonna jump into the important things, after all, you're not here for a biography. I've been making varying kinds of art since I can remember because I've realized that creation inspires more creation, and creation can turn into art. Art is what makes the Earth a livable place to live, letting humans thrive rather than survive, and I hope to inspire people to create more art with my art. Creating art is definitely my passion, and I don't discriminate between art forms, I love them all. However I must say that I'm not skilling in making music, but definitely still love it.

I like to claim that I'm many things, although artist is the general term I prefer using. When I say artist, I really use it for an umbrella term for varying kinds of art like films, digital art, writing, performing arts, games, etc. I'm proficient in many Adobe products like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, etc. I'd very much say I fit into the quote of "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but still better than a master of one.", because due to my diverse skillset, I'm definitely better than a master of one, yet I'm very confident in stating I have mastered nothing so far. I firmly believe that creations inspire others to create, and someday hope to inspire a new generation of artists with my art.


Silee Goose Productions is my production company. The point is to provide a location to publish games, films, and books for anyone I work with and of course myself. If you've seen the Portfolio page, you'll notice every film and game are published online under the account called Silee Goose Productions. The entire idea is that each thing is very silly and not to be taken too seriously, however most pieces cover a very serious topic. Most projects don't cover a serious topic, but every piece is meant for entertainment!

I created Silee Goose Productions when I was 16, and have so far made 9 projects under that title, some notable ones would be "The Interview" and "Gondergufl's Magic Accessories". You may also notice that there are only 7 listed to the public as of the time I'm writing this, and that is because our latest film "The Cat" has been entered into a film festival, and will be premiering at said festival, and "Doodle Wizard" is currently in production. It's truly amazing having Silee Goose Productions, and I can't wait to keep producing more content for everyone to enjoy! You can see our various links under the Professional Info at the bottom of any page on this website, and you can support us through our Patreon!



In the past, I've had many issues with undiagnosed mental illnesses, and it had a massive impact on my life and how I saw things. This piece is showing how my mind was ripping apart by itself because of said mental illnesses, and shows exactly how dangerous and scary it is. You'll see a variety of hand drawn affects like eyes, some words, and even just harsh lines drawn on some of the rips.

The eyes signify my anxiety, feeling like everyone was constantly watching and mocking me for existing, the lines show how overwhelming everything can be, making it feel like the world is caving in around you. And the words explain every part of my that gets shouted in my mind constantly. Each of these pieces are apart of a greater thing, and they all work together to truly rip apart the mind.

-Rupert Ford


I’ve dedicated this Nicho Art Box to my cat of 17 years, Cocoa. She’s been my dearest friend since I can remember, and I’m sad to say that she is getting old. I’m joyous that she’s still as active and lively as she is, but I do know the end is nigh, which is why I’ve dedicated this piece to her. I’ve depicted Cocoa sitting in a windowsill, looking upon a forest with vast mountains, and a night sky overseeing it all. The night sky is to symbolize how the end is coming, and the scenery is to show what kind of a life she’s lived. It’s truly a gorgeous and colorful piece, showing how much life she’s brought me by simply existing. We’ve been through thick and thin, and I’m worried about her.

-Rupert Ford


Estare is a game that I'm currently working on and hope to bring to life by 2025. It'll be my biggest project yet, and it'll have an entire functioning ecosystem. The prompt for this poster was "Beyond the Unknown". Estare being a game about an astronaut getting stranded on the 'lifeless' planet Estare, and living their life without disrupting the wildlife, a poster for the game fit perfectly. The point of the game does have an underlying meaning, the entire point is to elaborate that people and the planet can coexist, and we should seek new and improved ways of powering and keeping the human race alive in ways that keep our planet safe.

-Rupert Ford